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Kai-Feng Hung, DDS, MS

PhD Student (Oral Biology)

2009–2015 Kaifeng is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Taiwan and sees patients with oral cancer associated with betel-quid and…

Lavanya Samraj, MDS

Master's Student (Oral Biology)

2015–2017 Lavanya is a master's student in oral biology from India. She joined our lab to elucidate the effects of…

Takeshi Yanagishita, MD, PhD

Visiting Scholar

2015–2017 Takeshi is a dermatologist in Japan and conducts research on the pathophysiology of perspiration (sweating) disorders such as hyperhidrosis…

Edward Chiou, BS

Medical Student Researcher

2017 Eddie is a medical student at the University of Washington. He performed collaborative research on UV-induced lupus with Dr.…

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